APS Energia

Most of the production equipment is sensitive to the unexpected voltage failures. The simplest electric motor can undergo failure in case of power disruption. This results in stopping of the production lines, and as a consequence in the losses for the company. APS Energia for 22 years is developing equipment for an uninterruptible power delivery in the industrial applications. Guarantee power supply systems have high technical parameters guaranteeing power supply of critical loads what in turn ensures production safety.

APS Energia systems design is based on a distributed independent components topology concept: every functional unit has an independent control system, operation monitoring independent systems, control and auxiliary voltages multipoint power supply, galvanic isolation of DC and AC circuits, specially reinforced housing and specially selected electronic, electrical and mechanical components.

We power up:

    • mining,
    • metallurgy,
    • industrial chemistry,
    • power industry,
    • telecomunication,
    • energy industries,
    • medicine,
    • transport i logistics,
    • military.

Exemplary applications of devices:

    • manufacturing processes and production lines,
    • production control,
    • auxiliary power consumption,
    • extraction procesess,
    • telecommunication,