APS Energia

Thanks to innovative and advanced technology, APS Energia SA offers creative solutions for alternative energy sources - including EKO Photovoltaic inverters. A photovoltaic inverter converts the energy from DC sources such as photovoltaic batteries, fuel cells, wind turbines, water turbines, machine generators, etc. and transmits it to the AC mains. On foreign markets, APS Energy Group also offers Polish solutions in the field of RES, developed as a result of research and development work carried out. Systems operate, for example, in the Czech Republic, where in the form of hybrid systems they power active road signs.
Some of the work carried out in this field was connected with implementation into production of an entire power system using renewable energy sources, and with the construction and commissioning of individual prototypes.
The diagram of the oil network below shows the areas that are protected by devices manufactured by APS Energia SA:


More about the products used in the Renewable Energy Sources, in the "Subsidiaries forming part of APS Energia SA" section of  www.enap.pl


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The basic element of the UPS system is the inverter, the converter processing DC to single or three phase AC voltage.



PBI systems (buffer pulse rectifiers) are DC power units tailored to the needs of industrial plants with high requirements in terms of operational reliability, technical specifications and supply reliability.


DC/DC Converters

The DC / DC EPI type converters are designed for converting DC voltage to the voltage required by the load - mainly in the range from 24VDC to 220VDC.


Special Systems

APS Energia's offer also includes special applications: power supply system with fuel cell PULSTAR, SNG and MODULA power system.


Surveillance systems

The task of systematic surveillance systems is to collect data from the critical points of the supply system and convert it into simple and clear information.