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APS Energia on Energy-Expo 2019 in Minsk



On 8-10 October uninterruptible power supply systems were presented by APS Energia during Energy-Expo 2019 in Minsk third time. Energy Expo-Belarus is the international exhibition presenting the latest developments in the field of energy production and environmental protection in Central and Eastern Europe.
Energy-Expo 2019 is an event organized by the XXVI Belorussian Energy and Ecology Forum in which are also take place exhibitions, such as: „Oil & Gas Technologies”, „ExpoLIGHT”, „Water & Air Technologies”, „Atomexpo-Belarus”, “ExpoCITY” and the Belarusian Energy and Ecology Congress.

There are currently 360 companies and organizations from 18 countries around the world (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, China, USA) participating and presenting their solutions at the fair. The goal of the forum is to showcase the newest achievements in science, machines and technologies in energy, energy saving, automation, electronics, oil refinery, environment protection, and renewable energy sources.

The event is organized by the Belarusian Ministry of Energy and the company Technics and Communications JSC with the support of state institutions and industrial concerns.
Many years APS Energia provides guaranteed power supply systems on the Belarusian market. Our equipment were supplied to nuclear power plant and electric plants of Belarus.

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APS Energia was founded in 1995 . For twenty-four years the company has grown into an international group employing more than 370 people in 7 countries and producing equipment for energy companies around the world. APS Energia SA is a manufacturer of reliable energy systems for power generation, nuclear power, oil and gas industry, military and other industries. The company cooperates with scientific centers in the country and abroad. The company provides comprehensive services in engineering, installation and configuration of equipment. We provide warranty and post-warranty equipment. Our company offers professional assistance at every stage of the investment.


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