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The BRI discharging rheostat is designed for the controlled discharge of a fixed, given current from the battery.


Setting the process parameters using the keypad of the LCD, located on the front panel. Discharging continues until the battery voltage reaches the set minimum level or after a specified time of discharge. The device allows the parameters of the discharge process to be recorded and transferred via RS to a PC.

Types of discharging rheostats:

BRI 12 - 400

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The device has built-in resistors enabling the battery to be discharged by power up to 12kW (depending on the battery voltage and the nominal discharge current). Application of the power electronics inverter helps to stabilize the discharge current at a constant predetermined level despite changes in the battery voltage. Transistor controlled power modules and control with pulse width modulation (PWM) were used. Use of microprocessor control allows for stable operation of the system and simple use of the device with a transparent operator console.

  • automatic disconnection of the battery after the selected process parameters are achieved
  • low pulsations and a low level of high harmonics in the current drawn from the battery
  • process parameters of the discharge are registered
  • the device is equipped with:
    • microprocessor control of the discharge process parameters
    • serial connections allow communication with a computer
    • a wheeled structure allowing easy transportation