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APS Energia's offer also includes special applications: power supply system with fuel cell PULSTAR, SNG and MODULA power system.


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The fuel cell is a source of green energy. Uninterruptible power supply systems, in which the primary power source is a fuel cell are called Pulstar. They are designed for long-term supply of power to both DC and AC receivers. Insular systems can form a special type of application.

It is a stand-alone, compact, multi-voltage power supply system. The system is continuously monitored by the Automatic Surveillance System and the signals transmitted to the host system.

MODULA uninterruptible power supply systems are complex systems created individually for the requirements of the customer. They can consist of HPI inverters, PBI rectifiers with batteries, and other systems such as ATS or UPS and SANa 3 switchgear.

  • Ecological power source - fuel cell
  • Modular construction
  • High stability of output voltages and currents
  • Low pulsation of output voltage
  • Power supply controlled by an Automatic surveillance system, which provides monitoring of the fuel cell, records of the operation of the power supply and an alarm in the event of an emergency
  • Galvanically insulated from the power supply
  • Protects levels of hydrogen (double), overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, etc.
  • RS-232 interface
  • Records the operation of the cell and battery (optional)

  • PBI type buffer power
  • Battery set using VRLA technology
  • BFIz type voltage inverter
  • EPI type DC / DC converter
  • SAN 3 surveillance system
  • The whole is built into a power cabinet, and allows receivers to be powered with a guaranteed voltage of 3x400VAC, 220VDC, 48VDC (according to requirements).

  • Pure sinusoidal wave output
  • Reactive power compensation capability
  • Automatic switch-off in the event of mains failure
  • Ability to work in islanding mode - in the event of mains failure
  • Construction: A cabinet with modules or free installation in cabinet
  • Immunity to interference
  • Remote alarm signalling - potential-free relay contacts
  • SAN 8 surveillance system
  • Measurement of power output to the network
  • Archiving of data and event buffer