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The task of systematic surveillance systems is to collect data from the critical points of the supply system and convert it into simple and clear information.

The rapid development of power electronic devices has meant that staff operating devices are unable to cover the whole range of parameters describing the operation of the power system. The use of surveillance systems is therefore becoming increasingly common. These collect data from the critical points of the supply system and process it into simple and clear information.

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The SAN 3 automatic surveillance system is designed to monitor voltages, currents, temperatures, status of switches and battery states in auxiliary switchboards. Measurement and analysis of the measured values is carried out continuously. SAN 3 allows for irregularities in the power system to be detected quickly and the user alerted about any emergencies. The SAN 3 Automatic surveillance system has a modular structure.

The microprocessor system of the SAN5-1 independent battery module is designed for continuous monitoring of the condition of the battery. The device measures the voltage and current of the battery, the voltage on each monoblock of the battery, battery temperature and ambient temperature. The results of these measurements are compared with threshold values and, if irregularities are detected in the battery, the SAN5-1 signals a malfunction.

  • Monitoring and analysing all operating parameters: bar voltages, bar currents, switch statuses.
  • Complete supervision of the operational status of the battery.
  • Monitoring of the voltage of individual monoblocks
  • The possibility for the user to define the warning and alarm thresholds for individual analogue measurements
  • The ability to connect the controller to industrial networks, or to computer and fibre optic networks
  • Archiving monitored data with check charts and external devices in the permanent memory (HDD or flash)
  • A readable synopsis, which can be individually modified by the user
  • USB port for connecting a USB flash drive to copy the archived data

  • Supervising of max 24 cells / monoblocks
  • The possibility to increase the number of cells (e.g. 5 systems = 120 cells)
  • Measurement of voltage, current and battery temperature.
  • Measurement of the ambient temperature
  • Visualization of the current state of the battery and the history of events
  • High accuracy measurement of parameters (± 1%)
  • Ability to define thresholds for warnings and alarms
  • Alarms sent by the connections and transmission media and signalling by volt-free contacts
  • Ability to communicate with other surveillance systems and transmission

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