APS Energia

The priority of APS Energia is to raise production capacities in the industry taking into account the factors of maximum environmental protection. Quality and ecology, these are inseparable terms describing the operation of our products. Technological solutions that are unique on the market,the innovative design, the use of the latest achievements in the fields of electronics and information technology, guarantee a higher utility value than similar products on the market today.

The rigorous technological system which we have introduced helps to comply with the accepted quality standards. The causes of any defects are analysed by a permanent team of professionals. Each device manufactured by APS Energia is subjected to a Factory Acceptance Test. Standard testing includes a long burn-in under various load conditions. We also carry out seismic and thermal stress tests.

Companies included in the APS Energy Group have quality management systems in accordance with standard ISO 9001: 2015, or are currently undergoing certification. In addition, we have the licences required to operate on foreign markets, in Africa, Eurasia, the Middle and Far East and Oceania.

Quality and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Technical Security Policy