APS Energia

Identification of needs

Growing demands on the need to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment is causing increased interest in using industrial uninterruptible power supply systems. Therefore we offer our  customers unique solutions that meet the requirements of Polish and European directives and standards. We approach each project individually, offering high-quality power supply systems with technical advice and maintenance support. Detailed identification of the customer's needs and requirements results in the creation of a complete solution that will help to increase the efficiency of working devices.

Development of solutions

Our engineering department enables us to design new devices in such a way that they fulfil all the requirements of the end user, while adhering to accepted standards of quality. Our ultimate goal is to help in the implementation of the project in the best possible way for the customer. Taking into account all the needs allows for effective quality assurance later. This is only possible when all the customer's requirements are gathered properly and reliably, and risk at the facility is properly assessed. Our professional team of sales experts, designers, developers and service staff is always at your disposal. They are able to offer their knowledge and experience as an additional benefit for our customers.


APS Energia provides its customers with comprehensive support in the field of installing and configuring equipment and complete systems at their place of work. If necessary the team of experienced employees will take over for you in the often complicated process of commissioning of equipment. Our expertise ensures smooth and safe installation of often very expensive equipment.


APS Energia SA  has a declaration of conformity with the directives for this type of equipment - 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC - and the equipment meets the requirements of Polish law in accordance with those directives. The whole process of product delivery from reviewing the contract to its final execution takes place in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9001. Additional work in facilities, such as installation or servicing, is done in accordance with OHSAS health and safety. Projects in the facility are performed in a safe way such that employees' actions do not constitute a threat. In the case of the eastern markets, we have compliance with Ukrainian, Russian and Estonian GOST standards. Furthermore, we have certification from Gazprom for the supply of rectifiers, inverters, code for an entity of the Polish economy to supply equipment for NATO, licences for the sale of equipment in Ukraine. Each unit is properly activated and tested before shipment to the customer. Our employees have the appropriate permissions to use machines.

Upgrade and maintenance of systems

APS Energia provides instant upgrade of systems depending on customer needs. Continuous access to spare parts allows for the safe operation of the equipment.


The company provides warranty for the equipment supplied for between 2 and 10 years. We ensure round-the-clock optimal and professional servicing of all APS Energia brand products. The regular maintenance operations offered prolong the life of the equipment and its period of fault-free operation. All work included in the warranty service is carried out quickly and professionally, and our staff's specialized knowledge and many years of experience guarantee you a sense of security and confidence in the work of the equipment used.

After sales service

As part of the post-warranty maintenance services we offer such actions as:


        periodic technical inspection,
diagnosis of systems used,
        operational services (replacement of components e.g. battery, periodic battery tests, upgrading equipment, etc.),
        repair of equipment,
        expansion and reconfiguration.


We maintain a service network throughout the country through the mobility of our service teams.