APS Energia

APS Energia SA is a renowned manufacturer of a wide spectrum of power applications used at production, heating, industry, telecommunications, medicine and other sectors of the economy. The reliability and stability of energy supplies is the company's main goal.

APS Energia offers emergency power systems and AC and DC receivers, rectifiers, uninterruptible power sources, inverters, frequency converters, active filters, power system surveillance systems, and fuel cells.

The main customers for our equipment are those for whom reliable operation and high technical parameters are a priority. The emergency power systems that we offer ensure the continuity of production processes and the possibility of operation in case of primary power supply failure. In this way we help our clients to eliminate the risk of losses in the event of power failure. APS Energia devices - the best technical specifications, modern technology and innovative solutions. This keeps us ahead of the competition, enabling us to achieve better results where serial products have no chance to satisfy the individual needs of customers. APS Energia provides emergency power systems that configurations and specifications are tailored to the needs and expectations of the client.

In addition to the wide range of products APS Energia also provides comprehensive services: design, assembly, installation, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service of the power supply equipment it produces.

The experience we have acquired also allows us provide training and consultancy in the field of power systems for industry and research institutions. APS Energia collaborates with Warsaw University of Technology and other research centres in this country and abroad.

The high quality of APS Energia's products and services are confirmed by certificates. APS Energia devices meet the requirements of Polish and European standards of safety and electromagnetic compatibility, as well as EU directives (CE mark).