APS Energia

APS Energia designs reliable UPS systems for industry and energy sectors. Part of produced equipment is dedicated for the nuclear power market. Such equipment is characterized by excellent technical parameters, which guarantee resistance to difficult conditions, both electromagnetic and external. High tolerance for electromagnetic interference and a specially designed reinforced enclosure with high seismic resistance are particularly important in case of this equipment.

To provide uninterruptable power supply to electrical consumers at NPPs, secure AC and DC power supply systems are used.

APS Energia’s devices and systems are designed in accordance with technical requirements for safety classes 2, 3 and 4 applicable to the nuclear power industry.

Safety class 2 and 3:
PBI T type thyristor rectifiers
BFI & BFIz type inverters
SKB T type thyristor static switches
Industrial BFIz type UPSs

Safety class 4:
For safety class 4, APS Energia produces a wide range of products which can be divided into thyristor and transistor devices which include inverters, rectifiers and additional equipment (industrial controllers). The products in our offer are available in different designs: modular (M, MC), compact wall-mounted (CW), stand-alone (CS) and, most common, in industrial cabinets (MS).

APS Energy systems for nuclear power plants are designed using a distributed system concept - a collection of independent system components: independent control systems of each functional unit, independent operation monitoring systems, multi-mains power supply for control and auxiliary voltages, galvanic isolation of DC and AC systems, special enclosure with reinforced design, and specially selected electrical, electronic and mechanical components.

The diagram of the oil network below shows the areas that are protected by devices manufactured by APS Energia SA:



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The basic element of the UPS system is the inverter, the converter processing DC to single or three phase AC voltage.



PBI systems (buffer pulse rectifiers) are DC power units tailored to the needs of industrial plants with high requirements in terms of operational reliability, technical specifications and supply reliability.