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APS Energia joined the "Luxtorpeda 2.0" Cluster

APS Energia S.A., producer of reliable power systems for railway energy, rolling stock and tramway, energy and nuclear energy sector, oil and gas industry, army, and other industries, became a new member of the "Luxtorpeda 2.0" Cluster, an entity representing the rail transport sector, gathering the largest enterprises in this industry in Poland.

The "Luxtorpeda 2.0" cluster participates in shaping the Polish transport policy, helping to develop the best solutions in the legislative, organizational and financial areas. Supports institutions and entrepreneurs operating in the rail transport sector in creating a permanent framework for cooperation, building an innovative network of connections based on the transfer of knowledge, technology, and innovative solutions between the members of the Cluster, business environment institutions, research units, and local governments to increase their competitiveness for the benefit of rail passengers and business customers. In its activities, the cluster prepares reports and analyzes strategic activities, identifies challenges faced by rail transport, and supports the creation of value chains using Polish products and services.

- The development of devices for the traction and transport sector is extremely important in our strategy. We focus on innovations and products that best meet market needs. This is possible thanks to our R&D department and numerous collaborations with research centers. We are also open to partnerships such as the one with the "Luxtorpeda 2.0" Cluster. I hope that the exchange of experiences and joint relationships will bring fruitful results for both parties. - said Piotr Szewczyk, President of the Management Board of APS Energia S.A.

- The "Luxtorpeda 2.0" cluster is constantly expanding its competencies and knowledge by cooperating with many sectors of the economy. The energy industry is important nowadays. This cooperation will be all the more important as we are on the verge of creating a new energy branch in the country, i.e. the hydrogen economy. Looking at the development of this energy resource abroad, it is impossible to ignore the entire value chain of the railway industry, which is why, among other things, we hope for fruitful cooperation with APS Energia S.A. - said Mateusz Izydorek aka Zydorek, office director of the "Luxtorpeda 2.0" Cluster.

APS Energia przystapila do Klastra Luxtorpeda 20 small


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